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Motor third party liability insurance is a mandatory liability insurance that compensates for damage to roadside injured roads. While it may seem that car insurance is an annoying cost, it is easily susceptible to accidents unfortunately and unfortunately no one can be sure that it will not happen. Favorable insurance protects you in case of an accident and compensates for the loss. Motor third party liability insurance is regulated by the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act, under which insurance is required for all vehicles with a speed greater than 15 km / h and is a license plate: this means cars, scooters, trolleybuses and trailers.

Motor replacement for victims of personal injury and property damage, culprit for treatment, but not for vehicle damage. This is necessary for casco insurance, which is casco insurance.

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Traffic Insurance - What to Choose?

Traffic entering an insurance contract can be of two types: Contract renewal automatically (Or Y agreement) for one contract (Maybe no contract). As the name suggests, the first type of contract was an agreement that the contract is automatically renewed. The result was a new bill, which will continue to be paid after the contract as before. This is a convenient option for those who need all year round and the contract is not constantly bothered with a quick loan payment order to get car insurance.

One contract customer can decide after the contract if he wants to continue or not. This is a good choice if you want to try different insurance companies. The contract may also include a person not listed in the register.

What affects the price of car insurance?

TPL depends on several factors:

  • Vehicles – Insurance premium is useful, such as tractors, motorcycles and trailers, over cars and trucks.
  • Object – If the insurance expires on a vehicle that is in the public domain, rewards are useful. Special car learning, taxis, emergency vehicles and trucks carrying dangerous goods have higher premiums.
  • Area – Higher likelihood of accidents in areas is higher than motor vehicle. This means that if the road vehicle insurance, located in Tallinn, insurance offers a much higher price than it would be in Võru County.
  • Technical Data – The main factor that affects the price of a particular vehicle is the technical side. For example, cylindrical volume, Mass (trucks and trailers), bus seats. Smaller cylinder capacity, the cheaper the insurance.
  • Cake runtime – It is related to a specific person who enters an insurance contract. Those who have not been registered for a long time as an accident and whose damage history is “cleaner”, this is a more favorable insurance. If you intend to participate in insurance, you can also experience the insurance issue price higher than before – this is because the fact that the bonus class has changed and you belong to the greater risk that it is also more expensive car insurance.

In all these cases, depending on the support, it differs considerably. For example, the power of a motor vehicle Tallinn 150kW higher premium than a 75kW vehicle in Viljandi.

Compulsory insurance

Mandatory insurance applies if the person has violated the Insurance Act establishes compulsory insurance and the insurer’s contractual obligation arises from the moment the vehicle is insured in the event of non-compliance. This means that compulsory insurance occurs when the vehicle is registered in the register of traffic is not an insurance contract If the vehicle is temporarily removed from the register traffic, but there is no agreement or if the motor insurance contract expires at the end of 12 months. Essentially required of an insurance company All vehicles must be insured, even if they are used.

The amount of compulsory motor third party liability insurance is significantly more than normal and will be damaged, and applying € 640 deductible for each insured event. Therefore, it is wise to enter into a contract extended automatically, which is constantly because you can be sure that you will not have to deal with the more expensive insurance at a quick loanGlass family mandatory.

What do I have to do if I want to sell a car?

What do I have to do if I want to sell a car?

Before selling and registering a new owner you can simply tell the insurance policy and the insurance company to ask for money back for unused time. This statement must be submitted only. The new owner must then take out insurance on his behalf.

If the vehicle is re-registered to a new owner, it is not possible to cancel the liability insurance for the insurance contract, because the vehicle person has already changed by transferring the traffic and existing insurance contracts only automatically to the new owner. The old owner has no right to terminate the contract or ask for a refund, this is the right for the new owner.

Termination of traffic insurance

The insurance contract may be terminated at any time with good reason. Good reasons are:

  • If the vehicle is transferred to a new owner or the vehicle is stolen,
  • If the vehicle has been destroyed and cannot be used for more than six months for technical reasons;
  • When the contract expires, the basis for the vehicle was used – for example, a lease;
  • When the season ends in the vehicle.

What to do in case of an accident?

An accident occurs, one must keep in mind the borrowing rate that police presence is required only when an accident is injured by people or if the parties do not get guilty of the contract. If the accident is not damaged, for example, there was only a small smear of tears and the parties agreed who was guilty, just need to fill the culprit in the form of insurance and register the accident. The victim may then try to repair the car to the point where the vehicle is in time. Insurance companies and brokerage companies usually have a website that is easy to register in case, and usually also has a corresponding list of repair shops that are easy to work with to repair the damage.