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How Does the Legal Loan Work?

How Does the Legal Loan Work?

Leverage the growth of your business. With Moblerdeck and our Netcapital partner, you make a fast, easy and cheap business loan. This is all straight from the screen of your computer or cell phone.

Applying for a loan with Netcapital is easy. Here’s how it works:

Applying for a loan with Netcapital is easy. Here

First: you fill out the form

Fill out the form by clicking on the button below with information about your company and the loan you want to make, such as the amount you want, the reason for the loan, the billing and what the money will be used for.

Second: Your request is reviewed

Netcapital will forward your request for review and you will receive, in a short time, the limit and the appropriate interest rate for the profile and needs of your company. With this, you can now simulate your loan with the amount that best fits your needs and the term of payment and number of installments you want.

Third: closing business

Then, you just have to send the documents requested by Netcapital and sign the agreement, directly from your computer or mobile phone. In 2 business days, the money will be in your company’s account!

Which companies can apply for Loan?

Which companies can apply for Loan?

Any type of company can participate, as long as it has at least one year of activity and bank account of legal entity. Netcapital offers everything from small business loans to larger companies, with a limit of 100 thousand reais in capital.

The simulation of your loan is free and without commitment. The loan options offered by our partner have no down payment or upfront fees.

Is It Safe To Hire Online Loan?

Is It Safe To Hire Online Loan?

Yes. Moblerdeck and Netcapital comply with all the rules stipulated by the Bank in relation to taking credit, in addition to treating with security and confidentiality the information sent about your company.

Netcapital is a technology company and its focus is to break the barriers that small and medium businesses face when it comes to borrowing. Its process and its technologies are thought to provide a simple and quick hiring experience, plus 100% online.

Why Hire a Business Loan?

Why Hire a Business Loan?

Each company has different needs, but almost all have something in common: the need for more money. Here are some ways to make good use of your loan money for your company:

Working capital

If your company uses a lot of working capital, the loan is an interesting alternative to ensure its smooth operation. With it, you guarantee that you will not be short of stock of goods or supplies, besides ensuring that your administrative expenses are up to date.

Investing in growth

Do you feel it’s time for your company to make a leap? With a corporate loan, you can buy assets in better conditions with lower interest rates than banks. Thus, you guarantee the future of your business.

Debt Refinancing

Hired a high interest debt and are suffering to pay? With a loan, you can refinance it at lower interest rates, ensuring fairer values ​​and a greater margin for your business.