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Long Long ago went the time when we used to crave to see the elegant faces our grandparents who lived quite a thousand miles away from us! Here in the age of Skype and other video calling apps we are immune enough to contact a person who is a thousand miles away and have a face-to-face conversation. So, herein we are rolling out the Best 5 Alternatives other than skype which you can use to video call your loved ones and have a face talk.
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Skype is trending from 2003 and people are drooling over this app and relying not on only for the personal but professional front. It is a hub to leave messages for making video calls or even doing online chat or chats or even sending audio messages or pictures. Quite, as usual with featues come flaws and Skype being no exception is also having quite a good ones. So, if you are in the mood to try some new apps or are facing some blocking flaws with skype, here I am giving you best 5 alternatives to skype with areas immuned and totally worth your switch!

1. Google Hangout
Google hangout is one of the best apps that have the ability to replace Skype. Hangout was originally made for Gmail account holders. But now they have a different website that is updated every year. The good news is that users can chat with their friends while working on the computer via Google Hangout, and when the work is done they can always continue their chat via mobile. Google hangout has the best video quality, maybe even better than Skype.

2. Viber
It began as a mobile application and now it’s working perfectly on the big screen. The biggest restriction is that both the side should have Viber on their devices. In this way, it’s totally free for both. The best part is that there are no advertisements.

3. ooVoo
ooVoo is really fun. You can do video calling and chat at the same time as well as you can always invite friends from Facebook. The best part they don’t even need to have ooVoo on their phones. Of course, this application is also available for PC. Believe me its really fun. There are free and premium options, now it’s your call to take!

4. WeChat
WeChat has a very clear-cut user interface. It’s not at all difficult to understand. It provides you with the free messaging option, text messaging, voice calling, group calling, and walkie-talkie options. Whenever someone calls you, you can see a red light flashing on the screen. At the time of video chatting, you can always find people to video chat by locating their exact location. The quality is, of course, good, but not exactly like Skype.

5. Line
The line is specially designed according to its unique features – it lets you explore video chatting, send videos, text messages, stickers and much more. One restriction is there that is both the sides should have Line on their devices. Till now it was only available for smartphones but now its available for the big screen also.

These were few alternatives for Skype. There are many. If you know any, please let me know by writing your comments below as soon as possible. Thank you!